Our Core Sectors

Health Care

UEMS understands that care and the environment are interdependent at every level. They provide clinical support services that are core to the patient care process and directly impact the entire healthcare continuum. Regionally, UE Managed Solutions currently serves over 10 healthcare clients, in access of 5 million sq.ft. providing integrated facility maintenance and clinical technology services.


A vibrant, welcoming environment means the most to your campus or school. As a trusted partner in thought and action, UEMS collaborates with you oversees project growth, or create constituent satisfaction through daily operations and maintenance. Together, we lay a foundation upon which everyone can achieve their highest aspirations.

Commercial & Industrial

UEMS regionally serves over 5 million sq. feet in the commercial segment. We deliver customized solutions to clients in business, manufacturing and government, allowing our clients to focus on their business, and not their facility needs.

Property & Facilities

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Hospitality Sector is a volatile sector that includes Facility Management, Environmental Services. UEMS provides the following services to the hospitality sector: Linen & Laundry, Housekeeping, External Facade Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality Engineering

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